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  • Flores Laga Lizu - Indonesia

This shade grown coffee from the small island of Flores, in the Indonesian archipelago, has been supplied by one of key partners - MTC Group. MTC has established direct relationships with growers in this region to focus on quality and infrastructure improvements. This lot is from very limited harvests sourced from farms near the active volcano Wawo Muda. The term 'Laga Lizu' translates as 'above the heavens'.

Taste— Cocoa / Raisins / Liqourice

Region - Flores
Area - Bajawa and Golewa Districts in Ngada Province
Farm/Farmer - local small lot farmers selling direct to MTC
Altitude— 1300-1500 masl
Varietal—Typica & S-795
Aroma— Herbaceaus / Liquorice
Taste— Cocoa / Raisins / Liqourice
Acidity— Mellow
Body— Medium earthy
Aftertaste— Chocolate / Liqourice