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  • Special Release Ethiopia Tarekegn Gutu Natural

Tarekegn Gutu has followed in the footsteps of his coffee growing father Gutu Birre. This natural process coffee displays strong fruit flavours, including peach and berries, combined with candy sweetness and lime acidity.

Taste —  Peach and Berries

Region — Yirgacheffe
Sub region — Tulise, Gedeo Zone
Farm/farmer — Tarekegn Gutu
Other — Shade grown
Altitude — 2100 masl
Harvest — 2020
Varietal — JARC 74110 & Local Landraces
Process — Natural
Aroma — Berries/Passionfruit
Flavour - Peach/Berries
Acidity — Lime Citrus
Body — Medium
Aftertaste — Candy/Berry Fruits