Growers Espresso

  • Flores Marselina - Indonesia

This shade grown coffee from the small island of Flores, in the Indonesian archipelago, has been supplied by one of key partners - MTC Group. This lot is named in honour of Marselina Walu who is the local quality manager, farmer and community leader who overseas coffee growing of approximately 30 co-operative farmers as part of this project.

Taste— Caramel, Chocolate & Melon

Region - Flores
Area - Golewa, Ngada - Bajawa
Farm/Farmer - Kagho Masa Co-operative
Altitude— 1300-1500 masl
Varietal—Typica & S-795
Aroma— Melon/Chocolate
Taste— Caramel/Chocolate/Melon
Acidity— Orange
Body— Medium
Aftertaste— Chocolate/Orange