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  • Special Release Ethiopia Tabe Burka Washed

We are always excited to receive coffees from Tadesse Edema's washing station in Uraga. Tadesse delivers exceptional coffees and diverse lots via his station. This coffee displays peach, plum and passionfruit flavours combined with honey sweetness and citrus acidity.

Taste —  Passionfruit, Peach and Plum

Region — Sidamo
Sub region —Guji, Uraga
Farm/farmer — Co-operative farmers
Washing Station - Tabe Burka, managed by Tadesse Edema
Other — Shade grown
Altitude — 1800-2200 masl
Harvest — 2020
Varietal — JARC 74110 & Local Landraces
Process — Washed
Aroma — Berry/Tea
Flavour - Peach/Plum/Passionfruit
Acidity — Citrus
Body — Medium
Aftertaste — Honey/Fruits