Growers Espresso

  • Special Release Sumatra Ribang Gayo Musara - Natural

This year we are offering two distinct coffees from the Musara Co-op. Both are exceptional coffees with lovely clean fruit flavours. This natural example has beautiful sweetness and lingering aftertaste of chocolate and raisins. The coffee roaster’s favourite coffee this year so far.

 Taste — Dark Chocolate / Raisins / Red Grapes

Region — Musara Village, Aceh Tengah (Aceh Province, North Sumatra)
Farm / Farmers — Asman Arianto / Ribang Gayo Musara Co-op
Altitude — 1500-1700 masl
Harvest — 2020
Process — Natural
Aroma — Winey Fruits
Taste - Dark Chocolate / Raisins / Red Grapes
Acidity — Apple / Grapefruit
Body — Juicy
Aftertaste — Dark Chocolate / Raisins