Growers Espresso

  • Sumatra Gayo Lues Cike

We have selected a range of Sumatran coffees from CV Yudi Putra's offerings each year via our long standing relationships with our importer MTC Group. We were fortunate to travel and meet many of the farmers and producers in Sumatra a couple of years ago, hosted by Dody from Yudi Putra. Dody has also visited our Growers Espresso store. This coffee has typical full body expected of a Sumatran but also displays lovely acidity and sweetness and a clean cup.

Taste— Chocolate and Toasted Nuts

Region - Aceh
Farm/Farmer - Small scale farmers working directly with mill owner/exporter CV Yudi Putra
Altitude— 1300-1500 masl
Process—Gilang Basah (Wet Hulled)
Taste— Chocolate and Toasted Nuts
Acidity— Melow
Body— Full
Aftertaste— Chocolate and Toasted Nuts