Growers Espresso

  • Sumatra Gunung Tujuh

A new Sumatran coffee using an interesting combination of processing from mill owner and exporter - Dodi - who we met several years ago during our visits to Sumatran coffee growing areas. 

Taste— Hazelnut/Toffee/Toasted Nuts/Stonefruit

Region - Kerinci, Jambi (South West Sumatra)
Farm/Farmer - Co-operative farmers
Export/Mill Partner - CV Yudi Putra
Altitude— 1400-1500 masl
Process—Honey & Wet Hull
Varietal—Sigarar Utang
Aroma—Toasted Nuts/Spice
Taste— Hazelnut/Toffee/Toasted Nuts/Stonefruit
Acidity— Light
Body— Medium
Aftertaste— Roasted Nuts and Toffee