Growers Espresso - A selection of imported specialty coffees which include Fairtrade, direct trade, organic, and Rainforest Alliance Certified. (Price 250g $12.50 / 500g $23 / 1kg $44) View our Growers Espresso Range

Growers Espresso - Premium Seasonal Espresso Roast

Our seasonal Growers Espresso blend currently includes several beans from Indonesia (Sumatra), Brazil, and Nicaragua to provide a blend with medium body and pleasant acidity blend with rich flavours - including berry and chocolate. Lovely as espresso or with milk. (Price 250g $12.50 / 500g $23 / 1kg $44)  

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Growers Espresso - Sumatra - Ming Solok

Recently arrived from West Sumatra, this washed coffee has been produced by small lot farmers in Surian Village. Displays tobacco, roasted nuts and stewed fruit aromas. Flavour characteristics include roasted peppers, nuts and pastry. Medium to full bodied with apple acidity. A typically diverse and interesting Sumatran offering. Grown at...

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Growers Espresso - East Timor - Maubisse - Fairtrade Organic

We are pleased to reintroduce an old favourite which has been missing from our selection for a couple of years. This Fairtrade organic coffee is from the Co-operative Cafe Timor which is made up of nearly 500 small scale farmer groups. Coffee continues to be a vital lifeline in the...

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Growers Espresso - Peru – Cafe Femenino - Swiss Water Decaf – Fairtrade Organic

Our new Swiss Water Decaf option is a from the Central de Servicios Cafetaleros del Nor Oriente (CECANOR) co-operative of farmers in the Lambayeque region of Peru. The Cafe Femenino Program was established as part of the co-operative in 2004 to recognise coffee produced solely by female coffee farmers. The...

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Growers Espresso - Sumatra – Aceh Mengaya – Triple Pick

Sourced from the amazing Lake Tawar area in Aceh Province, north Sumatra. This coffee is produced with excellent traceability from grower to exporter - which is often rare in these locations. The coffee is produced with thorough selective picking and processing methods to deliver greater clarity and sweetness in the...

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Growers Espresso - Sumatra – Rainforest Alliance Certified - Sipangan Bolon - Triple Pick

Just arrived, this new coffee has lovely bright acidity to balance with its stone fruit flavours. The triple pick process delivers a clean bright cup while retaining the rich, sweet finish of our previous Sipangan Bolon Honey Process offering. Suitable for filter or even try as an interesting single origin espresso. (Price...

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Growers Espresso - Sumatra – Jumeroba “Uncle”

On a recent visit to this plantation in 2010 we were very impressed with this well maintained property which featured healthy trees and excellent varietals, including Caturra and Typica. Termed "Uncle's Farm" due to the 6ha plantation being owned by our host's Uncle, Sahrial. Coffees from this plantation scored highest amongst our...

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Growers Espresso - Peru - Aprocassi - Fairtrade Organic

Our current feature Fairtrade Organic coffee is roasted for espresso drinkers who love big chocolate sweetness. Ideally suited for milk based coffees with great depth of flavour and rich cocoa flavours. Grown in the Cajamarca region by Co-operative de Servicios San Ignacio. This coffee is grown at 1300 metres above...

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Growers Espresso - Colombia - La Norena Microlot

Our new Colombian coffee comes direct from SAB Coffee Importers. The father of the Australian connections grows this Rain Forest Alliance Certified coffee on his plantation in the Tolima Region at 1750 metres above sea level. This shade grown washed coffee has tangerine and orange aromas, and displays wonderful candied...

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Growers Espresso - Guatemala Arrival - Coming Soon

  (Price 250g $12.50 / 500g $23 / 1kg $44)

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