Eureka! We've Struck Gold

Our Eureka Coffee Premium Espresso Blend was awarded a Gold Medal in this month's Compak Golden Bean Coffee Competition. The award was in the Australian grown category for milk based espresso beverages. The blend has received bronze and silver medals previously however this is the first time it has received the top award.

Our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Konga was also awarded a Bronze Medal in the hotly contested filter (Chemex) category which was won by local Melbourne roaster Proud Mary for its Finca Bambito Washed Geisha.

Congratulations to 3rd Crack Coffee Brokerage which was awarded overall winner.

The Compak Golden Bean is the biggest coffee roasting competition of its type in the world with more than 1,300 entries received from coffee roasters around Australia. The entries are assessed by coffee roasters so it is a great way to have your coffee assessed by your peers and industry professionals.

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