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Impress your staff and clients with amazing freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door.
Business and Office Supply customer receive bulk discounts and can select from the full range of coffees roasted weekly.

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Seasonal Espresso Blend

A rich blend which will satisfy both milk and black coffee drinkers. Chocolate, toffee, toasted nuts and marmalade. Features coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil and Sumatra.

Rotating Single Origin Espresso

You will receive a different coffee from our selection week to week to keep your work place interesting. If you have a favourite coffee you can also request a repeat or continued supply of a specific origin. All coffees are suitable for espresso brew methods.

Rotating Single Origin Filter

Our specialty coffee range features amazing coffees from around the globe and with different processing styles to deliver complex and wide variety of characteristics. The lighter roast profile will suit filter brewers, manual filters or Aeropress.

Australian Grown Eureka Coffee Espresso Blend

Our unique and rare locally grown espresso blend is sourced directly from our growing partners in the Byron Bay hinterland where our family grew coffee for over 30 years. This rich espresso is fantastic with milk and has received numerous national roasting awards over the past 25 years.

Black Geotechnical first came across Eureka Coffee about 20 years ago when Eureka was supplying a garden café next door to our office in Glen Iris and we fell in love with the coffee from their freshy roasted, and responsibly sourced, beans. When we relocated the office to Yarraville in 2010 it was a no-brainer. We purchased a commercial coffee machine and since then have received ongoing fresh roasted bean supplies every 2-3 weeks from Eureka Coffee. When we look like we will run out of beans in a couple of days, we place an email order with Mark, and we receive an Australia Post delivery within 1-2 days. We are very happy with the product and the service.

George Black - Black Geotechnical