Mountain Top Coffee - Bin 35 - Available this week

Mountain Top Coffee's sensational Bin 35 coffee from the 2009 harvest will be available as a Eureka Coffee Special Release this week.

Direct from the highly regarded Mountain Top Coffee Estate in the northern the NSW hinterland, the Bin 35 coffee is made using the Double Pass process where over mature cherry, which has been allowed to dry on the tree, is harvested and then rehydrated prior to being wet processed. This process delivers a very sweet and complex coffee which exhibits thick syrupy body and lovely fruit. Our roasting of this rare coffee captures definitive marmalade fruit and dark caramel. Fantastic as a single origin espresso. There is not much of this coffee left in Australia, so try it while it is available - at our Growers Espresso store and at Farmers' Markets this weekend (Collingwood Children's Farm, Sat 14th August & Melbourne Showgrounds, Sun 15th August).

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