Just Roasted - A Couple of Newbies

Our first roasts of the Sumatran Wahana Estate and Guatemalan San Francisco Tecuamburro (Parcela El Pollo Micro Lot) have just been completed. Expect juicy grape acidity and plum sweetness with Wahana; and sweet sugar cane and honey from the Guatemalan. Other special coffees roasted this week include the popular Rwandan Musasa, Costa Rica Herbazu, and El Salvador Finca La Fany.

A reminder that every day we have 2 different single origins running through our La Marzocco Paddle at our Growers Espresso store/roastery in North Fitzroy, in addition to our house blend and a pour over (filter) option.

Several new coffees will continue to be introduced over coming weeks so stay tuned.

Cheers, Mark and the Eureka Coffee / Growers Espresso Team

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