Christmas Coffee - Final Orders; Christmas Markets; and Specials/Hamper Ideas

Coffee Roasting Schedule: our last pre Christmas coffee roasts will be on Tuesday, 20th December. Please note that all internet orders must be received by 11am on Friday, 23rd December to be posted prior to our Christmas break. Our Growers Espresso store and roastery will be closed from Saturday 24th December (last day trading Friday 23rd) and will reopen on Monday, 16th January. We will be roasting during the closure period for pre-arranged wholesale orders only.

Farmers' Markets: For those needing to stock up for Christmas, we will be attending the following farmers' markets before Christmas:

Boroondara Farmers' Market - Sat, 18th December

Flemington Farmers' Market (Debney Park College) - Sun, 19th December

Veg Out Twilight Farmers' Market - Wed, 21st December

Kingston Twilight Farmers' Market - Wed, 21st December

Slow Food Christmas Eve Farmers' Market at Abbotsford Convent - Sat, 24th December

Click link - For all farmers' market information

Special in store: Plus a special treat - for anybody who mentions this Blog/Tweet/Facebook posting when visiting our Growers Espresso store/roastery - you will receive a complimentary Michel's Fine Biscuit with your coffee (while stocks last!).

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Finally - here are 10 ideas for last minute Christmas gifts:

1. Our beautiful ceramic coffee filters ($35) with a selection of our Growers Espresso Special Release Coffees ($12 - 200g)

2. The Swiss Gold One-Cup Coffee Filters ($35) - ideal for camping and holidays - along with a selection of Growers Espresso Special Release Coffees ($12 - 200g)*

3. A Gift Voucher - can be redeemed for one of our training courses or any coffees in our extensive range

4. HookTurn Bubbaccino coffee cups - set of 3 - available in red, chocolate, blue and pink ($19.95)*

5. Grindenstein Coffee Waste Bin - available in black only ($32)

6. Coffee Trees direct from the Byron Bay hinterland - limited supply - available in-store and at pre Christmas markets ($25)*

7. Any of our Larsen and Thomson fine teas ($12-16) or Hari Har specialty chai products ($7-$18)*

8. One of our educational coffee books - Barista Techniques ($45) or Barista - A Guide to Espresso (23)*

9. A Nemox Lux coffee grinder, with 500g of freshly roasted coffee to help you get started ($320)*

10. A Coffee Subscription - select from our extensive options: Home Grown, Regional, World Wide or Special Release and in a variety of sizes - delivered to your door (Coffee Subscription Options)

* available in-store only

Cheers from Mark and the Eureka Coffee and Growers Espresso Team

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