Win a Year's Supply of Coffee++

Eureka Coffee and Growers Espresso's major prize in this year's 3RRR Radiothon is once again a coffee lover's dream. This is what one lucky 3RRR subsciber will receive this year:

- 1 year's supply of freshly roasted Eureka Coffee or Growers Espresso coffee delivered to their door - 500g can be selected from the entire range every week. You could just about have a different coffee selction every week of the year

- a Hario Skerton Hand Grinder

- a Hario Syphon Technica 2 Cup

- a Hario V60 Dripper

- a Swiss Gold 1 Cup Filter

The 3RRR Radiothon runs from Friday 17th until Sunday 26th August. Check out the 3RRR Radio website for more information on the Radiothon, subscriber benefits, Radiothon prizes, plus all the music and events in our great music town.

Come on - support this fantastic Melbourne community organisation which helps keep our wonderful and vibrant music, arts and food culture thriving.

Cheers, Mark and the Eureka Coffee and Growers Espresso Team

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