Auckland Coffee Tour

I spent an enjoyable few days catching up with friends in Auckland this week. This also involved a quick visit to several of Auckland's top coffee roasters and espresso bars. You will find that many of Melbourne's top coffee roasters employ several Kiwis - it's no coincidence as our good friends from across the Tasman have been an integral part of Melbourne's burgeoning coffee scene over the past 10 years.

A big thanks to the staff and owners of the following venues who made us feel very welcome and also served up some wonderful coffee and food: @kokakoorganic @eightthirty @coffee_supreme (Good One) @CoffeeLabNZ @atomicroasters @Barista_Empire plus Altura Coffee and Espresso Workshop.

Unfortunately I ran out of time to visit Espresso Workshop's roastery and also Barista Empire's new store on Cross Street. I know there are also plenty of other great coffee places but my time was limited and I was also getting a little too caffeinated.




Cheers, Mark - Head Roaster and Owner - Eureka Coffee and Growers Espresso

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