New Coffees on the Menu

The last month has seen the arrival of some new exciting coffees. Our online store is now up to date and includes which coffees are "now roasting" and also "next roast dates". New coffees include:

Australian - Special Release:

From Mountain Top Estate, Northern NSW, a late batch peaberry - a combination of both washed and double pass process styles.
From Green Cauldron Estate, Federal in Northern NSW, a lovely late harvest microlot natural which has proved incredibly sweet and clean as a filter coffee and also very nice as a single origin espresso. We also have some new double pass lots from this grower.

Growers Espresso From Overseas:

Sumatra Jumeroba "Uncle" -  finally we have secured some of this coffee from a small 6ha plantation we visited back in 2010. It was the stand out Sumatran coffee on our origin visit and the quality continues. Very clean but still with the full body and interesting fruits which we expect from coffees from this area.
Sumatra Aceh Mengaya Honey - a full bodied rich Sumatran with syrupy mouth feel and lovely almond, cherry and spice to finish.
Costa Rica Perfecto Espresso - from the Turrubares Farm in the Central Valley Region, this Yellow Honey Process is beautifully balanced and clean and will be used in many of our custom blends.
Thai Doi Chaang Fairtrade Organic - a meticulously well processed washed coffee with pleasant acidity, chocolate and subtle tropical fruit flavours.
Swiss Water Decaf Mandheling Fairtrade Organic - typical big body and earthy Sumatran with some fruit, spice and cocoa to finish.


Growers Espresso Special Release From Overseas:

Kenyan Kagumo AB - it's always exciting to source more Kenyan coffee – this is displaying creamy sugary sweetness, delicate fruits and juicy citric acidity.
Brazil Bobolink Naturals Batch 249 - this batch is a very well processed mixed varietal natural. Lingering cocoa finish and subtle fruits.
El Salvador Finca Santa Rita Natural - a very interesting and well processed natural with creamy body, very rich fruit and with a big finish.

And due to arrive over the next month - Growers Espresso Cup of Excellence Winning Selections:

Honduras #7 – Jose Rumaldo Moreno Reyes - Jury Descriptors include: Aroma - maple, jasmine, cedar, spice, vanilla; Flavour – orange, grapefruit, apricot, cedar; Acidity – cirtric, juicy, strawberry.
Costa Rica #24 – La Pira de Dota SA - Jury Descriptors include: Aroma – milk choc, honey raisin, lime; Flavour – grapes, apple, passion fruit, blueberry; Acidity – grape, fruit, cherry.

So keep an eye out for Twitter and Facebook updates on roast dates and availability. We will also send updates for future Thursday open cuppings for many of the above coffees at our Growers Espreso store in North Fitzroy.

Cheers, Mark and the Eureka Coffee / Growers Espresso Team

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