New Publications - Just in Time for Christmas

Eureka Coffee is thrilled to be included in Sarah Robin's beautifully presented "Seasonal Regional" publication this month. Wonderful words, glorious photos, and delicious recipes featuring the products and produce from the makers and growers of Victoria. You will recognise many of the producers if you venture to farmers' markets around Victoria. I've read the book from cover to cover and now our challenge is to cook and try the wonderful recipes. There is even an enticing recipe featuring Eureka Coffee by my wife Samantha.

We have copies of the book available at our North Fitzroy Growers Espresso store for $60. We’ll shout you a free cup of coffee too if you come in and purchase a copy.

Another publication which we are excited to be included in is the Victorian Farmers’ Markets Association (VFMA) "2013 Little Brown Book" which is packed full of farmers’ market discounts and offers that stretch across the seasons, connecting you with the producers of Victoria.

Valid for 2013, the Little Brown Book features over $1000 worth of offers from producers including Eureka Coffee, Barham Avocados, Green Gully Organics, Patterson's Pastry, LL Wagyu, Locheilan Cheese and plenty more.. all you need to do is tear the offers out and redeem them with producers online, or at accredited farmers’ markets and farm gates across Victoria. We will be selling copies at farmers’ markets and at our Growers Espresso store for $55. You may also purchase the Little Brown Book direct via Australia Post's Farmhouse Direct store (link here).


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