Just Roasted - New Arrivals for June and July

Just Roasted - New Arrivals for June and July

We have some interesting and diverse coffees on offer as we await numerous new arrivals over the next 2 months.

We have 3 Sumatrans which represent the full range of coffees being produced on this fascinating island. The Sumatra Wahana Natural, Sumatra Aceh Mengaya Honey Process and Sumatra Sipangan Bolon Organic Traditional offer different characteristics due to growing and processing variety.

The final roasts of our Ethiopian Yukro and Panama Berlina Estate natural are near as stocks decline. The exciting news however is that new harvest arrivals from Africa, including Ethiopia and Kenya, and also from Central America and Asia will be arriving soon.

Look out for some new arrivals from Burundi next week also which have just landed at our roastery.

Of course our Eureka Coffee Australian grown arabica from the Northern NSW hinterland are roasted every week and these are tasting rich with lovely chocolate, roasted nuts and marmalade flavours pronounced.

Other favourites include the East Timor Maubesse Fairtrade Organic, PNG Tairora Organic, and the Peru Cafe Femenino Fairtrade Organic Swiss Water Process Decaf. 

All coffees are being progressively added to our online shop following our new website development.

We hope you enjoy!

Mark and the Team.

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