Zero Waste from Roasting Operations

Zero Waste from Roasting Operations

If you've ever wondered what happens to the coffee grinds left over from your favourite caffeine hit provided by Growers Espresso in Fitzroy North, then wonder no longer! Most of the coffee grounds, as well as the husks produced as a by-product of the coffee roasting process, end up being added to the soils in a large mixed orchard of several hundred fruit trees in the Macedon Ranges, about an hours drive north of Melbourne.

The orchardist Chris knows good coffee when he tastes it, and has been a long term customer of Growers Espresso / Eureka Coffee, for that very reason. Many cafes send those by-products to landfill which, is a bit of a waste because they are very rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, nitrogen, and copper. And all of those minerals are sadly lacking in Australian soils. So, enjoy your caffeine hit, knowing that your efforts go towards improving agriculture and Australian soils.

Anybody is welcome to collect spent coffee grounds, coffee husks, hessian bags and grain pro bags from the roastery. Just ask our friendly staff. There is no charge - we are just happy that it is prevented from going to land fill.

Thanks to Chris for the photo

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