We began our coffee journey in 2000 following the first harvest of coffee from our family plantation in the Byron Bay hinterland, not far from the township of Eureka in Rosebank, NSW. The Eureka Coffee brand continues to be 100% direct source Australian grown coffee from the region.

Our commitment to Australian grown coffee has been rewarded with numerous awards and medals over the years. The well known and respected Premium Espresso blend is always featured at our Growers Espresso store and at the numerous farmers markets attended by us each week.


Our Growers Espresso roastery was established in 2005 to showcase our expanded coffee range to include specialty imported coffees from around the world after our early years specialising in Australian grown coffee. The focus of selected coffees aims for sustainable, relationship driven coffees. Coffees include direct trade, fairtrade and organic selections.

We always have a diverse range of coffees on offer to highlight specific origins, processing styles, cultivars, and roasting profiles for different brew methods. Our Seasonal Espresso Blends are also featured at many cafes around Victoria.

Our Growers Espresso roastery, which is located in the charming inner Melbourne suburb of North Fitzroy, features a welcoming retail store and espresso bar. We conduct regular open coffee cuppings, training, and free tastings for visitors. A seasonal farmers market inspired menu is designed to complement our specialty coffee and tea offerings.