Cold Filtered Now on Tap

Our Growers Espresso roastery and espresso bar in North Fitzroy now features cold filtered coffee, alongside our espresso service (house blend and two rotating single origins every day) and pour over coffees.

Although still in the experimentation stage we have already experienced some lovely results from this slow brewing method. The first challenge was selecting some suitable "older roast" coffee, as the experts all suggest a coffee which has been roasted around 3 weeks prior - so we we had to wait for some of our coffees to age.

The key to this brewing method is experimentation, documentation and testing. There are numerous variables which will influence the body, acidity, flavours and overall balance of this coffee. So its important to keep track of every detail, including roast type, roast date, grind, volumes, flow rates, saturation method, storage times etc etc.

Our aim is to offer a balanced coffee which has lovely sweetness and provides an example for flavour characteristics of our lighter roasted selection of special release single estate and single origin coffees. Stay tuned and we will let you know when we have some interesting results.

By the way, this week's roasts include the Costa Rica Herbazu, Bolivian Cafe Eleuteria Villca and our Australian Eureka Coffee selections. We also have some limited stocks from last week's roasts, including Sumatra Wahana Estate, Guatemala SFT El Pollo Microlot, and Kenyan Karani.

Cheers, Mark and The Eureka Coffee / Growers Espresso Crew


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