New Coffees and Awards

March 2012 sees the arrival of some fantastic new coffees.

Our 2012 recent harvest bin lots have just arrived direct from Mountain Top Estate Coffee (MTC) in northern NSW. We have secured Bin 35, Bin 478 and Peaberry lots, in addition to our MTC Bundja coffees. We have roasted the Bin 35 this week and it's a standout as a Single Origin Espresso.

New imported coffees which have also recently arrived, and will soon be available, include: Sumatra Sipangan Bolon Honey Process, Ethiopian Sidamo Guji Natural, and Java Timor Bondowoso.

We will also receive 2 interesting Brazil "Bob-o-link" coffees from FAF Brazil this week. We were fortunate to meet Felipe Barreto Croce from FAF Brazil last month and cup his lovely coffees. Felipe is working with Seven Seeds Coffee in Melbourne for a few months as part of their ongoing relationship. 'Bob-o-link coffee' prides itself on sustainable practices and premium coffees.

Finally, we were fortunate to receive a Silver Medal in the recent RAS NSW Fine Food Show for Coffee. Our Guatemala Puerta Blanca (Acatenango) was ranked the top coffee in the Small Commercial Filter/Plunger Class at last month's competition.

Best wishes,

Mark and the Eureka Coffee / Growers Espresso Team 

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