Keep Cups are Back / New Coffees

Keep Cups are back and available in 12oz, 8oz and also 4oz (in assorted colours and combinations), plus with Eureka Coffee/Growers Espresso branding.

Please note that our new coffees will soon be added to the online store, however we can advise that the highlights so far are the Ethiopian Guji - lovely big jammy berry fruit - and, the Sumatran Sipangan Bolon Honey Process - lots of stonefruit and natural sweetness. New crop MTC Bin lots, including 35, 478 and Peaberry, are also developing nicely. Next week we will be roasting some new Brazil Bobolink coffees and also a recent harvest Flores (Indonesia) coffee.

We have had plenty of visitors through the roastery over the past 2 weeks. A reminder that you are welcome to visit our espresso bar and venture out the back to see the roaster in action. Our time available to answer questions will depend on stage of roast and other commitments, however we normally can provide an insight to what is happening in the roaster room. We normally roast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, so these are the best days to see the roaster in action. We also hold regular cupping sessions, informal and formal, so please let us know if you have an interest.

Cheers from Mark and the Eureka Coffee / Growers Espresso Team

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